by Brandon Skidmore


You told me what was right

You told me where i could go

you told me what was my place

but who are you to know


You tell me to be happy

because I am free

but you lied to me

which I did not see


As long as I obey

you give me enough to over extend

To keep me a slave

because you are not willing to give


So I know it now

like I knew it then

It is up to me

To make these things come unhinged




The days grow longer

the pressure builds hotter

everything is getting much, much harder


Doubt sets in

the questions won’t end

Maybe it is me that is coming unhinged






The thunder starts to rumble

underneath my skin

Hunger grows stronger

and knows no end

IT fills my mind once again

why was I chosen to deliver hell

to those that have sinned



I AM THE ONE because

my brain understands it

my muscles feed off it

my eyes burn with it

My mind can focus it

and I can control it

IT is the mind shattering chaos in silence

The kind that upsets the conscience


I will be a martyr today

And only a name tomorrow

only the victors are loved

those that came before know the sorrow


My purpose is simple

I must create a ripple

But only epics remain in the mind

of that vast lake we call Time


One promise is made

To all those who are enslaved

No one will look down on you anymore

Because no towers will stand at the end of this war