I was called on a Journey to the west

 for a meeting of the minds 

Ideas born in abundance 

as creative forces converge

Inspiration rolling off the ocean tides

I found a revolution

It was the exact definition of the word

It was a reset back to the beginning



This heat never relents

Causing the most efficient machines to grind To a halt

Days drag, time lags

Head down, press on


I look to the horizon for light

Even when you are surrounded by dark

There is a balance of light

but it won’t come rescue you in the night 


I find my marker on the horizon

The place I must arrive 

This is Step 1 of reaching the minds of many


Half of me moves forward

Hoping for something new

The other half stays behind

Seeking change but scared to burn the boats


My Mind says go west to the light


4  months pass,  I have gone higher and lower

but not forward, and not backward


 I am forced east

Worried about darkness 

So I defy  myself

and detach


I realized I had been chasing a figment of my overly creative imagination

I placed a shroud upon this thing that did not  exist

 And I finally laid it to rest


I fade in between this world and the worlds I create

Soul still wanting to go where the mind will not let it

When I stopped reaching for things, stagnant objects began to move


There I stood looking at a painting upon a wall  that says “Legends Live Forever”

Hopefully that forever life is an echo

Transcending time not being able to take anyone with you

sounds like hell to me


STP plays in the background

while I look at juxtaposition of legends on the wall

Whitney Houston, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, Prince, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, 2Pac, Biggie, Freddie Mercury


It takes me on a journey back to when I could see auras

It turned out to be a defense mechanism

Recently I have begun to see shades

Brightness and haze


A Bump on my elbow brings me back to reality 

A word is spoken

I turn and I see light in the east


It reminds of  me surviving decades of Emptiness

To find Lifetimes in moments