Love is the most basic and intriguing emotion that man has been entrusted with even before being banished from Eden. I have found it to be an addictive drug, and as it builds, it is the most destructive force on Earth.  We are taught with no uncertainty that love was created by a compassionate diety, so selfless that he would sacrifice his son to save us.   The architecture of this creation occurred in the perfect confines of heaven.  Love was ordained with nobility, and the zealotry with which is instilled into our Conscientiousness, and no one question if it is unholy. What if that was all a lie, and it was created outside of the testament, by someone else. 

Who would father something that pushes people to their limits and makes people lose their minds. A man whose face is so familiar that we don’t notice him when we look over our shoulder. A man who stalks us like Orion, waiting ever so patiently for the moment when we are COMPLETELY broken by HIS creation…… and he strikes like a ruthless assassin. HE delivers the decisive terminal blow in the form of disingenuous smile, feigned sincerity, and counsel or advice that leads us to seemingly watershed moment…causing us to shed our sanity. As  we look back, yet HE is so familiar that we forget him, we dismiss HIM , and lose sight of HIM, and he shuffles off undetected as the chaos he creates envelopes us.

Call himwhat you will:   “the master of shadows”, “the man in black”,Lucifer or just the darkness. 

There is a saying about the Devil that goes along the lines of: “The greatest ruse he ever pulled was convincing the world HE didn’t exist”; but, unfortunately, that is not true because that would be selling his penchant for revenge short. 

The greatest trick HE ever pulled was creating the most addictive drug in the world, disguising it as something that is pure and could be openly coveted without judgement.  And with a twist that would make a Machiavellian Prince envious, he completed his  magnum opus by offering it to the father who dis-owned him, and let that father take the credit for the seemingly magnificent creation. The ultimate irony is Love was the simplest of all his schemes and creations.  Once he unleashed it upon the world, he simply stepped aside and watched it work like an undetectable cancer and while his laughter echoed through the halls of Purgatory.  Why? Because many will not only forsake others for love; they will break the Commandments and worship love like a FALSE IDOL.  When atonement is demanded, they justify their treachery claiming it was all for love.   And it is in THAT MOMENT, that HE PURCHASES THESE fallen and damned souls for “pennies on the dollar” because their addiction blinded them and they were unable to see through the thin, satin veil he created.

Now that you know the other possibility, it is up to you to honestly ask yourself: “Can love really save the world?”

I STILL HOPE SO because it’s the best chance we have.  How do I know this?  Because I was completely lost and almost made the treacherous mistake.  But, when my daughter smiles and looks at me with an innocence that I can only describe as unconditional, unquestioning love; I know there is purity that is ethereal within that emotion.THAT IS WHAT SAVED ME FROM MYSELF. But, IT IS BECAUSE OF THAT SAME LOVE, I would willingly walk right through the gates of hell and become one of damned to protect her.